Family Law Attorney & Certified Mediator

Family court litigation can be incredibly stressful, and emotionally draining. Throughout your family court case, you will need the commitment and experience of a reliable and proven attorney advocating for you. More importantly, you need the secure confidence of knowing that while your life may be unsettled or off balance at this moment, you hired the right person to represent you. I have built a law practice that focuses solely on family law issues. I have represented countless clients throughout South Carolina at both the trial and appellate levels of the judicial system.

In addition to practicing law, I am also a Supreme Court of South Carolina Certified Mediator in the family courts. I have helped guide people, couples and families to a resolution of their issues incorporated in written agreements that help them to avoid the time and expense of litigation in the present. Just as important, though, is that the mediation process gives people the ability to resolve problems now that might arise in the future, particularly in fashioning effective parenting agreements. The anticipation of their child's or children's needs in the future provides parents additional tools for creating a stronger agreement and better roadmap for each of them as they move forward in life.

If you have questions about your situation, would like to know what rights you have, or simply need careful and attentive legal advice for what your next step should be, then let's start with a conversation. Call my office today and schedule your consultation appointment to get the answers you need now. Let's find out together the best path for accomplishing your goals, or possibly discovering a few you may not have even considered. I look forward to meeting, and I believe that I can help you.