Possible Impacts on Marriages as a Result of the Pandemic

Posted by Barrett Martin | Jun 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

While the curve certainly appeared to be flattening across the country in May, that is no longer the case. States that weren't impacted as severely as New York or Washington at the outset of this pandemic (nationally), are now becoming the new "hot spots", reflecting a significant resurgence in the number of COVID-19 cases. States seeing a sharp rise in confirmed coronavirus cases include Arizona, Oklahoma, and Florida. South Carolina has also seen a significant rise in the number of cases over the past month. In fact, the number of daily confirmed infections has greatly surpassed the number of individuals infected daily when states were enacting their earlier "lockdown" protocals to effect a flattening of the curve.

There will most likely be another form of "lockdown" protocals put into place to combat this sharp rise in new cases each day. This will result in a lot more time being spent with our families. For some people, this is a small silver lining to the otherwise gloomy set of circumstances that our country is facing with this pandemic. For many others, this is more time spent with the one person that, over the course of the marriage, has become a significant source of annoyance and irritation each day.

I sincerely hope that anyone reading this post has been fortunate enough to remain healthy and free of the coronavirus. If you are able to maintain that status through this next surge of the pandemic, then you certainly have a reason to be grateful. That takeaway might be fleeting, though, if the speculating divorce lawyers across this country are correct. You avoid a deadly virus by government-imposed "lockdown" measures, only to then come to the realization that the person you once believed you would spend your entire life with makes you sick.

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